Your Gift Will Help Save Lives from Abortion. TODAY.

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Save Lives from Abortion. Right Now.

We make a very bold claim.

When you make a gift to Heroic Media, we will put your gift to work in our internet advertising system within 24 hours.

That means your gift will sponsor ads that will REACH women who are at risk of getting an abortion, and will CONNECT them to information about local Pregnancy Help Centers in their communities.

The result is that you will help SAVE lives from abortion.

In addition, if you wish you can choose the city where you would like us to use your gift. When you make your gift we have listed the top 10 cities that have the most women using the internet to search for information about getting an abortion.

Also, we encourage you to make a recurring monthly gift. For any monthly recurring gift of $5 and up, you will become a member of our Heroes for Life Society. As a member of our Heroes for Life Society family you will receive:

1) A subscription to both the print and digital versions of our flagship magazine publication: Pro-Life Magazine

2) When it is released in early 2018, a free copy of the book, "The Silent But Effective Pro-Life Activist" by Heroic Media's Brett Attebery

3) When it is launched in 2018, Membership access to our Heroes for Life Society website portal where you can find valuable pro-life resources

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